Medical Tourism – how can the poor benefit?

In this interesting article on we read about top-tier American hospitals setting up shop abroad, not in the developing countries (where the lack of access really exists) but rather in the wealthier countries abroad – UAE, China and South Korea. It’s great to hear that healthcare and medical education are going global. It just leaves me thinking how we can harness this momentum to include developing countries.

Particularly interesting is the Philadelphia group that is planning to open a medical center on a resort island in South Korea and taps into a tourism market. It will be interesting to see how this goes – if this idea is successful, perhaps we could use tourist destinations in Africa (like safari sites) to create destination medical centers, improve the tourism industry and bring sustainable income into the poorer parts of the world.

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One Response to Medical Tourism – how can the poor benefit?

  1. Yaa,its a good question, how can the poor benefit?a lot to think about it.

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