Healthcare Challenges in Africa

A team of doctors were debriefing from a recent trip to visit hospitals in Kisumu and Mombasa . Their anecdotes were interesting. They commented on the fact that providers sometimes lack knowledge of current evidence-based practices. I wonder if this is because they don’t have access to current literature (i.e. no or poor internet connection?) or because they lack intellectual curiosity to keep up with new information.  With fewer professionals working in the smaller hospitals and with slow internet access, it limits their ability and interest in reading current journals and keeping abreast of the latest developments.  The local educational culture is therefore often stagnant.  I’ve definitely encountered this issue before in the medical education system and feel that it is a bit of both.

The other very simple problem that can be easily addressed to have a great impact, is infection control, even as simple as hand-washing. I would have expected that these simple interventions would already be commonplace, however, it appears even these simple issues still exist – which is both reassuring (because it means that we will be able to improve the situation even with little investment of time or money) and at the same time concerning ( that such commone-sense practices are not yet being enforced)

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