A great resource for teaching doctors in Africa how to find, organize and use information….

I came across an interesting group African Medical Librarians and Deans – who have put together a number of online courses and presentations addressing internet literacy among medical students. This is an example of how the approach to ehealth in Africa will most certainly be different in Africa compared the America. Most people in the US are computer and/or web-literate. Certainly medical students have the skills to use both. But in Africa where students come from different backgrounds, including rural areas, computer literacy is variable. Starting from the basics is essential not only for students but for faculty alike. This particular website has seven modules addressing finding, organizing and using health information. Interestingly, there’s a module here called Scholarly communication in which the latter part discusses how to write a journal article. Ironically, this type of information/training would even be helpful for American medical students!

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