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6 Trends in Medical Education in Africa

The Medical Education Partnership Initiative, a multi-million dollar US government initiative, recently held the Annual MEPI Symposium in Kampala Uganda. In it’s third year of a 5-year grant, the MEPI community has clearly lit up with innovations and progress abound. … Continue reading

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mHealth in Africa – examples of success.

Just read a great article on mobile phone use in Africa. It’s a topic that’s become quite popular but reading about specific examples of success and one that even reports the number of hours and money saved. This article gives … Continue reading

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How the mobile phone will soon help Kenyans find a Doctor

This is very cool – set to launch on October 1 this could really change the playing field of mhealth – next on deck is using mobile phones to enable training in the rural sites. “medAfrica from Kenyan startup Shimba … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Fix Africa’s Healthcare Workforce Shortage

There is a severe health care workforce shortage in Africa. The solution is not to build a western-style system, rather we need to leverage new technologies and low-cost alternatives to build an African-style medical education system that will help train … Continue reading

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What Will Drive Telemedicine in Developing Countries?

I recently read an article in the New York Times about the prospects of telemedicine in the US…the future looks great now that reimbursement is picking up. Clearly the motivation behind using technology here is to see more patients and … Continue reading

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Handheld diagnostics that would be helpful in the developing world

Given that HIV, Malaria and TB are the three  infectious diseases we need to tackle most, here are a couple of interesting finds: Daktari is a company that makes an interesting gadget that would provide better access to CD4 counts … Continue reading

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Ehealth solutions to address challenges of using Community Health Workers

After a short break with the family, I am back trying to catch up on global health news. Of interest, the Lancet Global Health Network has a new International Health Journal with the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. … Continue reading

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